Homeschool-life update for this fall

These were some of our moments of life this fall ♥


Home-ec with pizza on the menu

Littlebrother is an eager little helper and has made the tablesetting-chore his own... :)


Visiting our "neighbour"-goats

Making toilet-roll-elephants

Our daughter painting the bunny-cage she and her daddy made last fall

Our firedrill-practice during the national week of fireawareness, just in case :)

Changing batteries..


We also practiced unlocking the door, emergency phone-number, checked thefire extinguishers and agreed on a meeting-point outside the house in case of fire.

Dear friends on a day-visit

Daddy gathering apples from our garden

(just for the record; they are delicious! Much better than the store-bought ones!)

These are a few of the wonderful people we had the honor of getting to know this year. The family from Nepal in this picure are doing wonderful work for the Lord in their country. Read more on

Daddy and littlebrother are having some quality-time

Preparing for birthday-party

A day on the beach. Discovering, learning and having fun!


Seashells, pebbles, leafs, sand.... it all goes in mamas pockets :)

Visiting with a litter of cute husky-pups!


Recipe from my friend Sabines great food-blog;

With Dad @ work

Touring an old church

A bunch of friends having a blast around the table :)

Discovering a new beach with a playground!

From our fall-photoshoot

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