From my husband and daughter on an ordinary tuesday :)

Outing with fire and friends!

Gotta have food! Of course its more funfor the children to participate in the preparation of the food :)

Eating the food is not bad either!

Grown-ups and children playing together.

One of the families brought their dog. A very friendlylittle buddythat loved all the attention he got from the children:)

Feeding the ducks

Children and water... Im facinated by the fact that children does not seem to mind getting wet clothes, if they can only have fun while getting wet! :)

Water bring out the beautiful colors of pebblesand rocks :)

Egg-larvae :)

A great way to to make a use of empy egg-cartons!

Art by the familys big sister.

The childrens crafting-night.

Cones can be used for many purposes :) The children painted cones and the grown-ups did the rest. The result was beautiful!

clothespins painted by the children and glued to a white-painted piece of wood. A great idea! Decorativeand so easy to make. Little brother liked the colors and wanted to take a closer look at the artwork :)

Out fishing with good friends!

Deep concentration when big sister gets todrive the boat by "herselves", with mommy safely by her side. She did really good after some practicing and began to get the feeling of how much she should turn the wheel before the boat started turning.

Life-jackets are life-saving and obligatory when we go boating.

The children took turn in fishing with a fishing pole. For a long time it looked like there was no fish in the sea... but then we finally got three mackerel
and one cod :) Afterwards we went up to grandpas cabin and made a delicious meal. Freshly fishedboiled fish, onion, butter and potatoes....mmmm, nothing compares!


Grandpa picked lots of delicious rhubarb for us to make lemaonade. First we washes the stems and My daughter was a great helper! We used some brown sugar and some coconut-sugar in the making, and the result was yummy! A little bit sour but lots of great rhubarb-flavour and a healthier lemonade than most of the ones you get in the grocery store:)

The finished result but on bottles :)I actually prefer glass-bottles but we had none available this time..

The recipe;


  • rhubarb,chopped
  • 1 1/2cup(s)brown or cocoa-sugar
  • 5cup(s) water
  • 1 1/2pound(s)strawberries,stemmed and crushed (optional)
  • 1cup(s)freshly squeezed lemon juice.about 5 large lemons

Add water, rhubarb, sugar, lemon zest to a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 10 minutes. Stirin strawberries and bring to a boil again. Let the mixture cool. Strain through a sieve. Stir in the remaining cup of sliced strawberries and a cup of lemon juice. Pour over ice and enjoy

Early Fall trip with Grandma.

Wild-strawberries on a straw! An all time favorite :) I really enjoy trips with children because of the pausing. Every new flower, every little berry, a cone... you name it, is so very facinating :) A great way to learn about nature, in a fun way.

Grandma knows about flowers and plants and my daughter knows to ask LOTS of questions!

Every sign has to be read! Along the trail there was put up signs telling about plants and trees in that particular area. Our little one is really starting to get a hang on reading and hurried to each new sign to read :)

Working outside with papa!

Fun for both father and daughter! We were unfortunate to get water in our basement, but our girl doesnt seem to mind when she gets to work outside in sand and mud :) Safety is very important and she gets to learn about how to behave outside when big vehicles are driving around in our backyard. "Mother-hen" keeps an close eye on her little ones and is actually looking forwards for the diggingto beover with, and she gets her garden back :)

It starts with us.

I once read that the best thing a father could do for his children, was to love their mother. So true. Love shown between a husband and a wife is part of giving the children a safe and necessary port in their lives. This port is an important fundation in their journey from being a child to becoming an adult. Like every mom who tries her very best for her children, I want to do make sure my children feels loved. I do this by, every day, being aware of how I treat the people we are surrounded by; neighbours, friends, family and even people we dont know. The moment we start backbiting or being rude to others, our children will notice and follow our example. Of course, nobody is perfect. We all fail at times, for different reasons, but the clue is to fail as little as possible.I should, as a mother, strive to treat other people with respect and love. Even when people do not deserve it, we should be nice to them. This is often the hard part. It is not difficultbeing nice to someone we like, that has been nice to us, but when we are treated badly by someone.... yep, I know, you just dont want to be nice to that particular person.BUT by fighting evil with good, we will end that bad circle that often goes around making life miserable for us.

By making the decision to not open our mouths to say or do something negativeto someone, is a decision that will have an influence onour children in ways bigger than we can imagine. They will become more caring of others and happier! Who doesnt want that for their child? :) The bonus is that we get something else too, besides more content children, we get a good feeling inside. God rewards those who do his will.

We start in our home.The saying I started with, can also be said like this; "The best thing parents can do for their children, is to love eachother". I know this is true because Inoticed that my own children became more content when they saw my husband and Ishowing our love foreachother.The more my children see me hug an kiss my husband and the more they see him gentlystroke my cheek,or even just see us have fun together, the happier they are.I have noticed that it is notmainly what I try to teach my children with words that "sticks", but almost everything I DOthey copy. This means that if I want children that are behaving nicely towards others- I have to be the first one toset a good example. One big step in the right directionof having a happy marriage, happy children and spreading happiness and love to others.

Artikkel fra Forbrukerrdet, om sukker og barn.

Tines nye barneyoghurt er stere enn brus

Rikelig med sukker, kule tegninger og plassering i barnehyde er Tines fremgangsmte for lokke sm barn til f med Sprett-yoghurt i handlekurven.

Sprett er navnet p Tines nye barneyoghurt. Et velvalgt navn, for et sukkerskudd fr gjerne de yngste forbrukerne til sprette rundt.

Sprett-yoghurtene inneholder opptil 14 prosent sukker. Det betyr at de er stere enn Cola som inneholder 10,6 prosent sukker.

Et beger Sprett med banan er p 125 milliliter, det betyr 18 gram sukker. Det tilsvarer halvannen spiseskje rent sukker.

For selge Sprett, satser Tine p barn som er med voksne i butikken.

- Vil ha Sprett!!

En smbarnsmor og flittig bruker av Forbrukerportalen forteller at hun tapte slaget foran melkedisken, da en trering hylydt insisterte p Sprett-yoghurt fordi den har kule tegninger. Dessuten har Olava, som er den kuleste jenta i barnehagen, den med i matpakken hver dag.

Den fargesprakende sukkeryoghurten plasseres nemlig i barnehyde, slik at ihuga barn slipper sprette undig for f tak i Tines ste fristelse.

Dette er en bevisst strategi, men ikke ulovlig. Tines jurister har nemlig sett p saken.

- Plassering av Sprett p lave hyller vil for det frste vre tilfeldig fra butikk til butikk. For det andre vil plassering av Sprett p lave butikkhyller kunne sammenlignes med for eksempel alle lekene som er plassert p gulvet eller p de laveste hyllene i en leketysbutikk hvor alle varer markedsfres mot barn. En slik praksis er ikke ulovlig, opplyser Kari Raundokken som er kommunikasjonssjef i Tine.

Det hye sukkerinnholdet er heller ikke tilfeldig.

Stt til de sm

Alle vet at barn foretrekker stsaker om de selv fr velge. Tine har for sikkerhetsskyld underskt saken, og laget Sprett p de unge kundenes premisser.

- TINE utvikler produkter etter forbrukernes nsker. Alle smakstester vi har gjennomfrt viser at barn foretrekker en mild smak, og ikke den syrlige yoghurtsmaken. Vi har hatt fokus p f innholdet av tilsatt sukker s lavt som mulig. Fruktyoghurt og syrnet melk trenger tilsettes litt stsmak for f frem en god fruktsmak, opplyser Raundokken.

De fargerike yoghurtene er merket ?helt naturlige rvarer?, sannsynligvis for overbevise foreldrene om at det tross alt ikke er s galt legge en firepakning i handlevognen.

- Sukker er en naturlig rvare og det ville sledes ikke vre et uriktig eller villedende utsagn om en pakke med rent sukker er merket "helt naturlige rvarer". Merkingen av Sprett er korrekt og er ment informere forbrukerne om at Sprett ikke er tilsatt kjemiske tilsetningsstoffer, informerer Raundokken.

Forbrukerrdet er ikke like begeistret.

Ingen med nkkelhull

- Dette er for drlig. Vi vet at ni av ti barn fr i seg for mye sukker. Den nye Sprettserien til Tine er enda et skritt i feil retning. I stedet for stadig stere produkter, burde industrien lansere barneprodukter som tilfredsstiller kravene til nkkelhullsmerket, alts med mindre sukker, sier Karianne Christiansen, rdgiver for mat og handel i Forbrukerrdet.

Men som Tine sier: ? nsker man unng tilsatt sukker helt, anbefaler vi velge naturell yoghurt eller syrnet melk.?

Matindustrien liker ogs skille mellom ?tilsatt sukker? versus ?naturlig sukker?. Det er uansett den total mengden sukker som teller.

Spretten oppgave forklare for en iherdig trering i butikken at yoghurt naturell egentlig er mye bedre, srlig nr den kuleste jenten i barnehagen mumser i seg en sukkeryoghurt hver dag.

First weeks of 1st. grade.

Two weeks of first gradehave passedand my first-grader and I are happy with our start. A lot has happened in these two weeks and It has in fact been quite busy, so Im thinking in the following weeks we are going to slow things down a bit :) Although it has been a lot of FUN! Our focus has been on fundamental learning, coveringthe subjects in our year-plan, with main focus on math and writing. Just before school started we received some textbooks and I have decided to use these for a limited time each day. The reason we are doing this is the importance of fundamantal, basic knowledge before I introduce her to more complex material. This way I can easely see and hear where her knowledge-level is and be sure of what is next on the agenda. By making sure I dont introduce her to knowledge she is not ready for, I reduce the risk of her feeling inadequate, which is not good for a childs natural learning-pregression. Taking the time to make learning FUN is well worth it :)

My daughter has been interested in numbers and letters for years, and a natural result is that the first pages of her textbooks was donepretty fast.Whenwe came further out in the books, to things that she had to use more time on to understand, I make sure she really understands before we move on. A clue is to end the learning-session before the child gets tired or doesnt seem to want to learn at that point, and rather pick up the thread later with a different approach to that specific thing, to keep it interesting. An example is numbers. She knows the numbers in her mind and can count them out load, but when it comes to writing down the numbers from 11 and up, she needs practice. I decided to to make small pieces of paper (purple of course! :)), wrote on the numbers from11 to 20 andstuck them to our stairway with double-sided tape. This way she sees one numer for each step she takes and can easely see what it looks like on paper.

Our foreign language, which is English, can also partly be taught in a similar way. I make little pieces of paper and write "Bath", "Wall", "Book" and so on, on them and stick them to the different places on our house, in the car, in the childrens playhouse and so forth. Just to see if she paid any attention to the notes, I didnt ask her to read them, but simply gave her the opportunity to see the notes herself and read them, and she does! :) Our learning from textbooks and indoor-learning is however only a small part of our day. It is important to get up and about (with a balance of not being too busy), so much of our day is spent outdoors, exploring and discovering. Since the summer is slowly turning into fall, it has been a natural focus for us to learn about the leafs on the trees changing color, migratory birds, berries and fruit, harvest and other things that has to do with the season we are in. We are surrounded by wonderful nature and this is ideal for the way we teach and learn. Examples of trips are harvest-trips (raspberries is the favorite this fall!), fishing-trips and trips toa place we know where we can look at different types of birds. Daddy is above average interested in birds and gave his daughter her very own pair of binocularslastwinter :).Friends and family are great company on some of our trips and outings, and the children seems to thrive when the adults really take interest in them and take the time to sit down with them, talk, answer and havefunWITH them :)

Our girl has always been a "learner", she askes questions all the time and this is a great way for me to help her on her way. I make sure I ALWAYS pause and take the time to give her the very best answer I can. If i dont know the answer, we check it up in books, internet or with someoner with knowledge on that area. It it so important to realize how much we get "for free" when we prioritze this. Since we officially started first grade two weeks ago (although it was not a huge transition from our life before) she has asked even more questions. It be what she reads in our school-textbooks, about measurements, about nature and so on. She is a very proud little princess and the fact that she is a REAL first-grader seems to have the effect of her wanting to gain even more knowledge. As long as it is the child itself that keeps the pace, and not the parent, it is good. My task is to inspire, facilitate and be there for her as a safe port and a loving parent.

This was a little taste of how we do things at the moment. Hope to inspire and encourage!

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