The blessings that comes from LOVE

I am a mother and a wife. As a mother my highest calling is to raise my children with love. The part "with love" has always been what I believe in. In these ten years since I started my walk with The Lord, and especially since I had my first child almost six yars ago, it has become so obvious to me that It is Gods will for me and all mothers to be patient and loving while we bring up our children. That is why he gave us maternal-intuition. We canfeel it when we do things we should or shouldnt do towards our children. Today weoften become so occupied with other things that this intuition is hidden deep within us, BUT it is still there, it is a matter of becoming aware of it.

We are being "taught" how to become mothers, as if we didnt have any instinct at all. From the moment we discover that we have a blessing on its way, we read and try to learn what to do while this little one (who develops without being taught how..) grows inside our belly. After the baby is born, we read some more, and the more "wisdom" on how to do things and how to bring up and dicipline this child we dedicate ourselves, the more unsecure we become. I know this because I did it myself. When I came home from the hospital aftergiving birth tomy babygirl, I didnt "know"how to pick her up from her bed! I was actually scared to do it wrong... I realized then that I had to start trusting my own feelings and when I did that, being a mother became aJOY unlike any other!

In this, trusting ourselves, we honor God. He made us and he created us with the ability to take care of and to teach our little blessings with LOVE.The perfect love is described in 1. Cor 13:4-8, a reminder of the love that God showed us trough Jesus, and we need to show our children. We reap what we sow, and by sharing this love in all that we do, we reap loving children who will be able to pass this on to others.

I like to read and especially things that has to do with family. There are so many beautiful stories and familys. But there is one thing that bothers me, it actually doesnt just bother me, it makes me furious! The thing I am talking about is the "right" to use physical punishment in the name of The Lord. There, I said it. I know there are people out there who disagree with me, but I truly believe that itis not the way to go. We have not practised physical punishment and will never do. My maternal instinct, which has been given to me, tells me it is wrong. The thought of ever laying hands on my children, for punishment, does not represent Jesus the way the bible describes him. It does not matter if you do it "out of love"or you are "not angry", my instinct tells me not to. Yes, I know about the verses that people justify this with (Proverbs), I have read them. You know what, I cant find anywhere where it says that it is good to hit your child for misbehaving. I have heard many different stories on how this is the best way to go about a child who is disobedient, but I do not find it in the Bible! Here you will also reap what you saw. A child who has been punished physically by its own parents will NOT develop respect (which some seems to think) but rather fear. Yes, they may never to the same thing again, but the reason is fear. Respect and obedience comes from love only.

I believe that in order to create mutual repect and a working parent-children-relationship, we need not use punishment, nor physical or verbal (which can be just as devastating), but rather listen to our instinct as parents. These verses in the old testament does not overshadow that Jesus came and taught us how to be towards our next. He was punished, He was hit, He was spit on, He was disliked, He was even killed. What did He do?....... He showed us LOVE.

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to God it is perfect sense.

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