Kaninburet er ferdig!

Pappa og Knupsi har snekret kaninbur idag og nå gjenstår bare maling (rosa sådan), så får "Pinsesse Rapunzel tante Iselin" et sted å bo ;)

Portrett av lillebror By storesøster fire år <3

Kaviar-lillebror laget av Knupsi, ingen tvil om kunstneriske evner her!

Home-Ec with Grandpa!

Fortell meg, og jeg vil glemme. 
     Vis meg og jeg vil huske. 
                          Involver meg og jeg vil lære!



Idag fikk vi oppskrift på frokostpannekaker av min svigerinne. Pannekakene er enkle å lage, sunne og veldig gode! Vi liker det sånn :)


  • Bland egg og havregryn til en røre
  • Stek på begge sider
  • Spis den gjerne med frisk bær eller syltetøy



Kan man ikke vaske håret med grøt sier du.... ?

Det fineste kunstverk!

Idag på søndags-skolen lagde barna kunstverk på skåler med innskriften "Alt er mulig for Gud- Markus 10.27". Jeg gleder meg til å servere godt til kaffebesøk av disse skålene signert mine to små :)


Video fra sommerstevnet ifjor sommer

The flag-day!

Today my little girl was all about flags, so I saw the opportunity, put away our plan for the day and turned it into a "Flag-day" instead.  Mom, 1.st. grader and little brother looked up flags on the internet and talked about the different countries each flag belonged to. Of course, when you are six, the whole history of the country in faaaaaar from interesting, insted we talked a little about the capitols and I looked up some facts that she wanted to know about that certain country.


Here is our WALL OF FLAGS

On top, to the right ; 1st. grader insisted on making a "Finish-flag" as well. :)

A wonderfully true post from Britni @ The life in bloom

Hey Mama, Step away from the (iPad/iPhone/ect) your kiddos are depending on it!

by The Life In Bloom
Last year there was a kid interview going around...you know the kind when you as your kiddos questions and here their cute little answers?!
The questions on this particular interview where things like:
How old is mommy?
How old is daddy?
What does daddy do all day?
What does mommy do all day?
What do you want daddy to do?
What do you want mommy to do?
It was staggering 100% (no joke) had at least one child answered the question "what does mommy do all day" with either "she is on the computer a lot" or "checking her phone"...my oldest son was included. I felt horrible...convicted...like I was a horrible mommy!
I started blogging in the mornings and nights when the kiddos where in bed. Checking email while they were eating breakfast and lunch, and working on the computer at night or while daddy was playing with the kids!
Within a matter of days the attitudes of my littles changed! I put down the iPad and picked up a children's book or board game...or in the case of my oldest the wiimote:)
Nearly a year has passed and I thought 'I'm doing a great job'...yeah, until my sweet 8 year old asks me one afternoon "mommy will you play games with me today and instead of working on the iPad?" OMGoodness...I felt totally completely unbelievably horrible! His big blue eyes looking at me...I felt like a failure! CHANGES needed to happen!
I recently read a post (I cannot remember the name of the blog right now) that played into exactly what I don't want to happen. The writer was writing about mom at the park who wouldn't look up from her iPhone even though her little girl was calling "mommy look at me" and twirling! When I read that my heart broke. I admittedly asked my self if had I turned into the mom who's devices came before her children? Was Facebook, twitter and instagram more important than watching my kids ride bike or play at the park?
My husband didn't feel like I was that way at all, neither did I...but I decided to treat it as if I was. I started making it a point not to have my iPhone out while the children where around...other than for music (we all really like music and my iPhone has a ton on it) the my iPad is used a lot for school so that is around. I have also implemented the no "hold on" rule:  meaning I hear "mommy look at me" and I don't say hold on. We play games together and I make it a point to do what each of them love do...Elias loves to play wii or play a time telling game we have, Simon loves to play pirates and cops and robbers and cuddle, Gabbi loves to play lalaloopsys and dolls up and adores brushing mommy's hair! so last night I played wii with Elias while cuddling Simon as Gabbi brushed my hair...it was wonderful!
 My kids are still pretty little 8 and 3 and I intend to pour everything I have in my heart into raising them! I LOVE being a mommy...there is nothing that can compare in my opinion!
This mornings questions for the littles:


What does mommy do all day?
Elias "you do school with me, play with me and cuddle me a lot"
Simon and Gabbi "you make us lunch in the day" (clearly they were stuck on the word 'day')


What's your favorite thing to do with mommy?
Elias "play games like battleship and fireball island!!"
Simon "cuddle and play"
Gabbi "help make lunch"


I really happy with my littles answers! I have to be honest I wasn't sure what they would say about what mommy does all day!


Am I 100% put together? Absolutely not! But I am paying very close attention to my actions because I have little eyes on me all the time! I do not want to have my kiddos grow up with the mama who is glued to the phone no matter where she is...it is so annoying when you talking to someone and they are texting someone the entire time...that's not who I want to turn into and DEFIANTLY not who I want my kids to turn into!


Now it's time for this mama to put away her iPad and watch some Sponge Bob with the littles!!


What are you doing with your babes today?


Smiles & Blessings

Besøk av en flott familie!

I september tok våre kjære venner den lange turen til oss og vi hadde noen fine og opplevelsesrike dager sammen! Her er noen bilder min kjære venninne tok da de var her.




På tur ut i fjorden for å prøve fiskelykken, som slo til...til slutt!

Nydelige jenter!


I morges bakte vi boller til frokost og brukte pepperkake-former til å presse ut mønstre!
Det var Knupsi sin ide og lillebror syntes den ideen var god :)

Our Homeschool boxes

We use one box for each of the subjects, one for artwork-materials, one for paint, one for finished projects, one for upcoming projects and so on. This way we can easily find what we need and keep order at the same time, I like it!  The boxes are from ikea, and the cute owls we printed out from the internet and laminated.








Each of the children will have their own Homeschool-binder for work-sheets, diplomas and other things from that year. This is my daughters 1st. grade-binder :)

Tilbakeblikk til fjorårets "vinter"



Vi fikk låne lille nydelige Sara Isabela :)



Tre gode venner! Marta, Knupsi og Iker.








To søte små :)


I botanisk hage


På lekeplassen


Koseplutten til mamma <3


In the jungle!



Min kjære ektemann er en flink kokk <3



Besøk av tante, onkel og søskenbarn.


Tante Ingrun og Onkel Viggo tok turen, så koselig!


Mamma og lillesøster på besøk :)


Oldefar og Knert i varmen :)

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