Third grade!

We are entering third grade this month, according to our curriculum. Another year of homeschooling is done! I am happy to announce that we still enjoy homeschooling and the lifestyle that comes with teaching and learning. I am blessed with a child who is eager to learn, which makes it fun and rewarding for all of us. During 2nd. grade we've used the AbekaBook-curriculum and we will be using the same this following year. The books have a learning-curve that suites our daughter well, plus they are colorful and fun to work with!

One of our main focuses this year has been working on speaking, writing and reading English. Since we have, and probably will continue to use English curriculum, this has been essential. We arrived Australia one and a half month ago, and during our time here she has been able to put her language-skills into practise, which has been great!

We have gotten to know many of  the homeschooling-families here and it is so nice for us to see how they do things and apply some of their methods and tips into our homeschooling.  My daughter keeps a scrapbook-journal while we are over here, I am hoping this will help her treasure memories of  this trip and remember all the wonderful people we have been blessed getting to know and the fun we had together. 

We are looking forward to this coming year, spending time with friends, family, new acquaintances and seeing what plans God may have in store for 2014 !


May God Bless you!


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Oda Helene Hjørnevik

08.04.2014 kl.14:27

Så utrolig fin blogg du har, med fine bilder! Jeg hadde blitt veldig glad hvis du tok turen innom min blogg også ! Ha en fin dag videre :D


08.04.2014 kl.16:50

Such a great way to learn the language - travel! Another of the great freedoms of homeschooling. Hope you are all having a wonderful time in Oz!


09.04.2014 kl.04:20

Julie: So nice to hear from you :) I agree, it is a great way to learn language and experience other cultures up close. The best thing about it, I think, is all the wonderful people we get to know. Brothers and sisters we didn't even know we had. :)

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