True prayer

"We can teach our children to say their prayers, but we cannot teach them to pray Some of you perhaps may read prayers in the family.  I will not denounce the practice, but I will say this much about it; you may read those prayers for 70 years and yet you may never once pray, for prayer is quite a different thing from mere words.  True prayer is the trading of the heart with God."


Charles Spurgeon

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04.08.2013 kl.13:48

Hei er ofte innom bloggen din å leser :) den er kjempefin å lærerik :) håper du snart snart skal begynne igjen :)


05.08.2013 kl.20:50

anonym: Hei! Å, så oppmuntrende da! Nå ble jeg glad :) Når ny inspirasjon når hodet mitt skriver jeg igjen ;)


09.08.2013 kl.13:15

Hi there :)

How exciting! Great to know there are families who are teaching their kids at home. We have been doing this for the last 2,5 years, and we think it is wonderful :).

Thank you for your blog, I would like to follow it :)

Have a fantastic rest of the Summer :)




11.08.2013 kl.12:14

Lidia: Thank you for writing such encouraging Words! We like the lifestyle of homeschooling alot, it is a gift to see our children Bloom :)

A great rest of the summer to you too!


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