On the beach

One of our favorite things to do :)

I wanted to share with you one of the activities we do as often as we can- simply because it is fun and you learn alot. The beach is great for exploring, inquiring and discovering! My children and I love to collect and learn about sea-shells,kelp,rocks, sticks, sand, leafes... you name it! Of course we enjoy it even more when the weather is warm but even on days like this, we often put on our wind-coats and go exploring by the sea. The things we collect are often used in different craft-projects. After a day on the beach we usually read or watch a movie on the things we have seen. It is very rewarding, both for me and my familiy, as we learn about Gods wonderful creation, sea-safety, changing seasons.... alot is apliable to be taught here, not to mention all of the good memories that are being made :)


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