science-day at the zoo

The weather was beautiful and daddy had a day off from work so we all headed to the local zoo for school. Who says school is boring?! I love giving the word "school" a positive meaning to my children. The zoo is perfect for science- all the animals has signs on their cage or house that says a little bit about them, where they origin from and so on. My second grader (She just started on her 2. grade books by the way  :) ) gets to practice reading at the same time. The most important thing is that we all have fun together, the learning cames naturally that way.


Is she not brave?! :)

My "braveheart"

mommy and little brother meeting the lemurs

A peacock showing us his beautiful feathers- my daughter is impressed!


The zoo also had monkeys, suricats, pigs, rabbits, different types of reptiles and other animals. Outside there was a nice playgound for the children and benches where we could have a picknic right by, lovely! We bought an entrance-card that lasts all year, to be able to go there often.




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