What our day might look like

 I have had many people asking me how we do homeschooling and what our days looks like and to be honest, it is a hard question to answer. The reson being that the content of our days varies alot. Some days we do excursions, some days we go exploring nature, some days we have a certain theme and focus on that through drawing, art, writing and experiences, some days we stay at home to discover and learn in and nearby our home, other days we are out traveling or do arts and crafts-nights with friends. As you see there is no way to give a quick answer to how we do it, but I have taken some pictures throughout one day where we spend most of our day at home to show how our day might look like ;)


Bigsister is learning how to operate the stove while littlebrother just wants to get the breakfast-rolls in there!


The kids help set the table and we are ready for breakfast. Lately our theme around the breakfast-table has been Gods ten commandments. Each day we have talked about one on the commandments and discussed how we can apply them into our lives. Bigsister is the kind that asks ALOT of questions, which is great for her learning!  Littlebrother looks like he is most interested in  whether to choose cheese or jam for his roll, but I am sure he benefits from our talks as well.


 I made this Chore-chart and stuck it  up on the wall for bigsister to know what needs to be done before lunch (since she is only a 1.st. grader we are not too strict, if there is one day we just want to play or do something else, we do :) ). Although such a chart has been good to keep a flow in the learning-process.  After a while we change our chores, but they always include math, writing, language and reading.

Starting to learn the times-table. We printed these fun math-sheets and laminated them to last longer.

Each day we practise "read-a loud" and by doing that we see what is good and what needs to be worked on. She chooses the page and reads out loud for us. The children loves routines and by having these few things we do almost every day, they get a sence of predictability which is good for them.

Littlebrother is just being a one-year-old :)

Littlebrother is doing great in toddler-school and loves to learn. Here we use little colored beads to learn the different colors, both in Norwegian and English.




Just plain play! :)

Lunch is being made and my goofy-girl is eager to learn how to cook. Cooking is a great way to learn about measurements, food in other countries, healthy and unhealthy food, safety, calculation... you name it!

Eating the food is not bad either!


Out playing and learning at the same time. One square for each of the years twelve months. 



Doing math using sidewalk-chalk. 


When daddy gets home we make dinner together...


 and eat dinner together :) 


These were some glimps of one of our days, I would love to hear about your day! :)

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Tuva Linn

14.04.2013 kl.20:43

Det ser ut som dere har en spennende og variert hverdag Marie, og jeg blir inspirert av å merke engasjementet og kreativiteten din!


17.04.2013 kl.21:41

Tuva Linn: Takk for gode ord Tuva :) Jeg må si at jeg blir inspirert av det du skriver på bloggen din, det akkurat som det du skriver kommer når jeg trenger det som mest :)


17.04.2013 kl.22:37

Jeg må si jeg er utrolig imponert over det arbeidet du gjør på hjemmeskolefronten! Så kreativt, utforskende og hverdagslig. Jeg fikk nesten lyst til å jobbe sånn selv :)

Ellers kan jeg, som Tuva også nevner, merke glede og engasjement gjennom skrivinga di. Det har en fin smitte-effekt! ;)


18.04.2013 kl.22:40

Charlotte: Tusen takk! Det er jo veldig givende å få være fulltid med smågull :) Så fint å høre sånne oppmuntrende ord! :)

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